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Dr Gill Seyfang’s innovative and creative approach to teaching environmental social science has been recognised with a prestigious University award. Dr Seyfang teaches ‘sustainable...
Senior Research Associate Noel Longhurst attended the 2nd Villarceaux Monetary Forum over the weekend of 28 – 29 June, held at a rural retreat outside Paris.  Hosted by the Veblen...
3S members Maud Borie and Jason Chilvers have published a collective statement with an international team of scholars and practitioners arguing that the role and design of global expert...
Jason Chilvers and Helen Pallett of 3S have co-authored a new paper in the science journal PLOS ONE outlining future issues involving science and technology that will potentially...
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Places, imaginaries, and the problem of commensurability in biodiversity offsets

In response to increasing pressures on natural areas due to changes in land-use biodiversity offsetting practices are becoming increasingly common. Several countries in the European Union are currently experimenting with biodiversity offset schemes to mitigate the damaging effects of big infrastructure projects.

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Reflections on the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum (WEETF)

Tina Wegg reflects on the Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport Forum (WEETF) held on the 13th February 2014.

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The Anthropocene: A Historical Perspective

It is in 2016 that a working group of the International Commission of Stratigraphy should decide whether the Anthropocene can officially be used to designate our geological era – as a subcategory within the Holocene or as a catego